A friendly discussion with a good friend made me think (for a change), I am one of those kinds who never thinks but this time I thought and thought.. couple of sleepless nights and later… a few questions popped up,
– can I ?,
– can I have a business of my own,
– can I run the business successfully ?,
– can I create employment and provide employment to a few who are in need of job ?

Who can answer these questions.. no one but me, these questions made me think more and more, now I have more sleepless nights, burning more electricity, and eating more, spending more time on computer, end result…

I am contributing to the economy just by my thinking. All result of a discussion with a good friend of mine. Hey thanks my friend.

Anyways my mind is wandering through wilderness and that what is my tag line… I am in pursuit of wilderness, where can I find it.. pure, unadulterated, pristine, and a place you can be by yourself no modern technology, gadgets or motor vehicles, or TV or electricity.

Go by a sun dial , wake when sun rises and go bed and sun sets..co inhibit the wildlife, be friendly and kind to them, I promise they will be too…

Sorry let me come back to my point… wait for it…

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